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Medical and Dental IT Support

Whether you’re running a one-doctor medical or dental office, you’re tethered to technology. Impress Computers medical and dental IT services help manage your practice and keep that technology up and running in the medical and dental IT support field.. Our outsourced IT services help medical, dental and healthcare providers keep their IT Resources in tip-top shape.

We provide onsite and remote support along with monitoring services that helps reduce down time and keeps your entire network running more efficiently.

Our Medical and Dental IT support includes:-

  • Offsite Virtualization of your server in cases of disaster recovery
  • Remote Support of the workstations and the network
  • Remote Monitoring that acts as an early warning system
  • Onsite Support for the network and computers
  • Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance of both the workstations and the server
  • Anti Virus Management across the network