Take your business to the next level with IT Managed Services from Impress Computers

Take your business to the next level with IT Managed Services from Impress Computers and discover the Impress Advantage.

We Guarantee that your Business will benefit from the Increased performance of your network, resulting in higher profitability by more effective employees.

Impress Computers Managed Services Includes

  • Improved Performance of Network
  • Elimination of Slow Time
  • Minimization of Down Time
  • Peace of Mind with Monitored Local and offsite Backups
  • Pro-Active Monitoring so that we can detect and fix issues before they become a problem
  • Advanced Malware and Virus Protection
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Physical Cleaning of Machines resulting in better performance and reduced downtime
  • Complimentary VCIO – Virtual Chief Information Officer – Providing strategic and tactical planning. IT procurement. IT Growth Strategy and budget initiatives

All for a fixed monthly cost so there are no hidden surprises

You can also phone at any time and speak to a human – no pesky answering system to contend with!

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There’s a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now

Earlier today, 5/12/2017, the world saw a massive cyberattack that spread globally in a only a matter of minutes.

Gizmodo: There’s a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now CNN: Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries Time: Cyberattack That Crippled U.K. Hospitals Is Global

The initial attack vector has been email, through spam. These messages are typically fake invoices, job offers and other lures which are sent to random email addresses. Within the email is a .zip file and once clicked, that initiates the WannaCry infection.

The attack is then spreading on internal networks using a P2P exploitation of SMB (Server Message Block) known as EternalBlue. The files are being dropped by a worm which abuses SMB, a network file sharing protocol. Other aspects of the malware leverages file-less exploitation techniques, and the malware is morphing rapidly in the wild with over a dozen variants seen thus far.

The file extension used is .wncry, which drops a ransomware notification named: @Please_Read_Me@.txt in common file and folder locations.

Earlier this month, independent researchers scanned the internet and deemed there were 150,000 internet-accessible computers open to this vulnerability.


If you have VIPRE Advanced Security or Endpoint Protection installed, you are protected from this malware. VIPRE’s Advanced Active Protection feature has been shown to be effective at stopping even previously-unknown strains of this threat.

Microsoft released a patch for this particular vulnerability in March and we recommend that everyone install this patch immediately, even if you have VIPRE.

Click here for more information about the patch and the Windows versions and editions impacted by this exploit.There are various IDS rules available that can also be used to help stop the spread of this attack; install this on your IDS system and watch for its activation.




These new ransomware variants clearly show the critical importance of several fundamental security best practices:

1) Patch management: The vulnerabilities exploited by this ransomware have had patches available for over two weeks, and yet many systems on the internet (and many more in local networks) remain vulnerable. Keep ALL your systems (not just servers) up to date with the latest patches. Your operating systems and browsers will take care of themselves (although you need to monitor them and ensure the patching is working correctly), but many third-party applications will not – this is where a Patch Management solution is very important such as that included in VIPRE.

2) Signature-only approaches to anti-virus protection can now be circumvented. For these reasons, VIPRE has now incorporated advanced machine learning detection engines which monitors process behavior into all of our endpoint and network protection products. This ransomware is evolving and morphing quickly specifically to avoid signature-based detection, yet VIPRE can still stop it with Advanced Active Protection. Customers using older versions of VIPRE – including VIPRE Antivirus Business and VIPRE Business Premium – should upgrade as soon as possible to VIPRE Advanced Security to protect themselves from this threat.

3) Scanning files is no longer enough protection; malware like this can execute key portions of its payload without a separate file to scan.

4) Network protection files is becoming more critical even to small- and mid-sized businesses. In some cases, as in this case, infections can at least be detected using a complementary solution such as ThreatSecure Network or VIPRE Network Security.


There are no known methods to recover from this ransomware to date, but monitor the VIPRE blogs for more information as it becomes available. We also recommend backing up your systems early and often (we hope you’ve been doing that already), which you can then restore to recover from this.




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How to Treat Pop Ups to Prevent Virus Infections

How You treat a pop up is extremly important if you want to avoid getting infected.

The worst thing that you can do is click on the X, or hit Close, as you could be intitiating a download of malware in the background.

To safely close the Pop Up you can hit ALT and F4 simultaneously or CNTRL + W. This will close the window without the risk of infection.

Once the pop up is closed you should then do a disk cleanup to remove any traces from your temporary internet folders

Watch this video for more Info

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How to do a basic health check on your computer

f you would like to do a basic health check on your computer you can use the Windows Task Manager.

1. Right Click on the Task Bar

2. Left Click on Task Manager

3. Click on the Performance tab

This will show you the performance of Your

1. CPU – Processor

2. Memory

3. Disk 0 (Hard Drive)

4. Network

When the computer is in idle status, everything should be near 0%. If any one component is running high then it indicates a potential issue.

It is also a good indicator if your pc is running slow and you may need RAM (Memory)

Watch this video

Spring Break – Time to Get Your PC Cleaned for $10

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Bring your PC’s and Laptops for the week of Spring Break and will clean it for only $10. Offer Expires 03.18.17

We will also check the hard drive and memory at no extra cost

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Two Things You Should Know About Fake Microsoft Emails

Please be aware of the increase in Fake Microsoft Emails,these have affected both PC’s and MAC Users.

One of them was was entitled One-step Validation Process and said

“In order to provide absolute security for your Microsoft Outlook account in our system, we recommend that you validate the authenticity of your account to ensure it is not compromised.” It then gave a fake link

Another One was titled De-activation notice from Microsoft and read

” A request to deactivate your Office365 account was made and this request will be processed shortly.

If this was accidental, you are advised to verify your account to cancel the request now ” It then also gave a fake link

Delete these emails – DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS .

If you think that you have been affected please unplug your machine and bring it in to Impress Computers.

The quicker you bring it in the Less Expensive the Repair

Remember – Microsoft will never phone you either – so if you get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft – DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR PC.

Have a great week and stay away from links




Important Message Regarding Your Data

I wanted to alert you to 2 issues that we had this week, where Companies lost their data and how this could have been avoided.

The first issue was a business that was completely shut down for a week after getting hit with a new version of Crypto. The virus had spread through all of their computers and infected most of their files.

Fortunately the company had backup devices attached to every computer.

Unfortunately on one of the main computers, the backups were also encrypted. Rendering the backup useless.

Intuit did have an offsite copy, but were not able to restore it as the downloads kept failing. They say that it could take 2 weeks to get the data to them.

The second case was a Company that has been advised to only do offsite backups, and when their hard drive crashed they discovered that the offsite backups only contained data from 2006. None of their recent files had been backed up! We are working with a data recovery company, but it could cost over $1000 to get their data back as well as the cost of down time.

Please do not let this happen to you.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Always know where your data is stored on your hard drive and what your most important files are


  1. Alternate your local backups with 2 different drives and double check to ensure that your most recent files are on the local device


  1. Keep an offsite backup and regularly check that your most recent files are indeed being backed up.


  1. If you need to restore programs and documents find out if your backup program will perform this task.


Impress Computers does offer a monitored local and offsite program for $99 per month.




Do not wait one more day.


Check your backups now


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This time of year always gets Crazy as we head towards Christmas.


If you are looking for a Custom Built Gaming Computer or Laptop we need to start processing the order this week as it takes time to assemble and test.


Just looking for a Video Card or Other Upgrade?

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Happy Thanksgiving From Impress Computers

We would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Impress Computers

As a special Thankyou we have Coupons that will run from today until the end of the Month, including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

On both Friday and Saturday we will be open from 10am to 4pm



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