Spring Break – Time to Get Your PC Cleaned for $10

 College Kids Home for Spring Break?

Bring your PC’s and Laptops for the week of Spring Break and will clean it for only $10. Offer Expires 03.18.17

We will also check the hard drive and memory at no extra cost

DON’T let your Computer Look like this on the inside

Clean computers will run better, faster and last longer

Bring it in this week for our Spring Cleaning Special.




Contact Impress Computers on 281-647-9977 if you have any queries

Two Things You Should Know About Fake Microsoft Emails

Please be aware of the increase in Fake Microsoft Emails,these have affected both PC’s and MAC Users.

One of them was was entitled One-step Validation Process and said

“In order to provide absolute security for your Microsoft Outlook account in our system, we recommend that you validate the authenticity of your account to ensure it is not compromised.” It then gave a fake link

Another One was titled De-activation notice from Microsoft and read

” A request to deactivate your Office365 account was made and this request will be processed shortly.

If this was accidental, you are advised to verify your account to cancel the request now ” It then also gave a fake link

Delete these emails – DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS .

If you think that you have been affected please unplug your machine and bring it in to Impress Computers.

The quicker you bring it in the Less Expensive the Repair

Remember – Microsoft will never phone you either – so if you get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft – DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR PC.

Have a great week and stay away from links




Important Message Regarding Your Data

I wanted to alert you to 2 issues that we had this week, where Companies lost their data and how this could have been avoided.

The first issue was a business that was completely shut down for a week after getting hit with a new version of Crypto. The virus had spread through all of their computers and infected most of their files.

Fortunately the company had backup devices attached to every computer.

Unfortunately on one of the main computers, the backups were also encrypted. Rendering the backup useless.

Intuit did have an offsite copy, but were not able to restore it as the downloads kept failing. They say that it could take 2 weeks to get the data to them.

The second case was a Company that has been advised to only do offsite backups, and when their hard drive crashed they discovered that the offsite backups only contained data from 2006. None of their recent files had been backed up! We are working with a data recovery company, but it could cost over $1000 to get their data back as well as the cost of down time.

Please do not let this happen to you.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Always know where your data is stored on your hard drive and what your most important files are


  1. Alternate your local backups with 2 different drives and double check to ensure that your most recent files are on the local device


  1. Keep an offsite backup and regularly check that your most recent files are indeed being backed up.


  1. If you need to restore programs and documents find out if your backup program will perform this task.


Impress Computers does offer a monitored local and offsite program for $99 per month.




Do not wait one more day.


Check your backups now


Give us a call on 281-647-9977 if you have any queries



If You Are Looking at a Custom Gaming Computer or Laptop For Christmas You Need to Act Now

This time of year always gets Crazy as we head towards Christmas.


If you are looking for a Custom Built Gaming Computer or Laptop we need to start processing the order this week as it takes time to assemble and test.


Just looking for a Video Card or Other Upgrade?

We have the GTX10 Series of Video Cards in staock, starting at $249

This includes the 1060, 1070 and 1080

 Watch Some of Our Videos On Custom Gaming Computers That We Have Assembled in the Past




We also have great Deals on Printers, Laptops, Computers and Monitors along with Refurb Laptops and Desktops that have a 1 year warranty

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Happy Thanksgiving From Impress Computers

We would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Impress Computers

As a special Thankyou we have Coupons that will run from today until the end of the Month, including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

On both Friday and Saturday we will be open from 10am to 4pm



Best Coupons for Thanksgiving

Thanks Giving Coupons Black Friday

Is Your PC running Slow? You may just need more RAM

Have you noticed that when your computer or laptop starts up it runs fine, but then seems to slow down the longer you work on it?

It could mean that you simply do not have enough RAM, or memory in your PC.

Follow these steps to check to see how much Ram you have and how much you are using

1. Press CTLT-ALT_Delete keys at the same time

2. Click on Start Task Manager

3. Click on the Performance Tab
This will show you the total memory installed and how much you are using

We recommend having at least 8gb of RAM installed for optimal performance

If you only have 4gb we can do most RAM Upgrades for $29

Not sure what memory you use?
You can use our memory finder or bring it by the store


If you bring it by the store we can install the memory and test your hard drive at no extra charge

Give Roy, Daniel, Mike or Mandy a call on 281-647-9977

Have a great week


Boosting Your AutoCad Performance

We have seen a huge improvement in AutoCad performance with the new Quadro M4000 Video Card, especially when coupled with a high performance SSD drive.

The 8Gb M4000 has 1664 CUDA Cores, four 4K Display Port Outputs and totally blows away the older Quadro K4000

The NVIDIA Quadro M4000 is a workstation graphics card targeting computationally demanding applications such as:

Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Inventor
Solid Edge
Adobe AfterEffects

If you are running any of the above programs and want to improve the efficiency and performance of your AutoCAd Operators then I would highly recommend either upgrading to the new M4000 Video card or getting a New AutoCad Ready Workstation that already has an M4000 installed.

We have sold both the HP and Lenovo AutoCad workstation and have had great results from both units.

We also noticed huge performance increases when using a large high performance SSD drives from Samsung. In the past people used small SSD drives with a larger 7200rpm drive for storage, but ultimate performance is gained from keeping the programs and data on a single drive.
If you would like any information on the New Quadro Video Card or AutoCad Ready Workstations please give us a call on 281-647-9977


We have a Selection of Windows 7 Pro Business Class Computers Available till End of Month

We have the following Windows 7 Pro Business Class Computers Available Until the End of The Month

Business Class Computers

Windows 7 Pro Computers in Houston and Katy HP, Lenovo, Dell and Acer


$50 Gift For Our Valued Customers

Let us find the problem before it becomes a problem

Bring your laptop or computer in to our store on Provincial and we will Perform a Health Assessment that includes a Hard Drive and Memory Test, Check for any bugs and perform a physical cleaning.

A $50 Value at No Charge.

In Addition to the Health Assessment we will Also Apply the $50 Credit to any Repairs that Might Arise

You Can Use your $50 Gift towards a New Solid State Drive or more memory.

This Offer is only valid until the end of October 2016

Bring This Email In to Impress Computers with Your Laptop or PC

Save 15% Off Toner and Ink Cartridges from Impress till end of October

Impress Computers is running a Toner and Ink Promotion until the end of October 2016

We are Offering Our Valued Customers a 15% Discount Off All Compatible Toner and Ink Products.

Use this link to print out the coupon to receive your 15% Discount
Not sure what Toner or Ink Your Printer Takes?
Use Our Toner and Ink Finder

Remember for Compatible HP Toner and Ink – use the “Remanufactured HP Toner and Ink ” Search as “HP” will only search for Original HP Toner

This Promotion will only run until October 31st, so place your order with Roy, Mike, Daniel or Mandy today – 281-647-9977

Have a great week