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Computer Check In

Please note: All fields must be filled in. If you are not sure what to enter, just type N/A in that field. There is a $50 Non Refundable Deposit Fee, which is applied to the Final Repair Costs or to cover the technicians time should the customer decline the repairs.

Virus Removal Options

A. Plug & Play - Keeps Data, programs and printer drivers intact
- Viruses are manually removed - Includes Optimization - $189
(Choose this option if you have Quickbooks, Outlook, TurboTax, Quicken or simply want the least disruption)

B. No Data Saved - Hard Drive is Wiped, Windows is Installed,
Drivers Install, AV Installed - $99
(Choose this option if you do not have anything important - when you get it back it will be like a new pc out of the box)

C. Data Saved (Photos, Music, Spreadsheets, Word Docs, Favorites, Desktop)
- NO PROGRAMS - Printer to be reinstalled - $149
(Choose this option if you only want to save your photos, music etc - Remember you will need to resinstall programs and your printer)

NOTE - If you have data that is stored under program folders, or folders in your root directory these are not automatically saved

D. Not sure if I have a Virus - Please run Inspection Tests and let me know

I need my computer back as quickly as possible
Add Priority Fee of $50 to get it straight on the bench Yes No

Do you want to receive computer tips on how to stay Virus Free? Yes No