281-647-997721733 Provincial Blvd Ste 110, Katy TX 77450 • Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 6.00pm, Sat: 10am - 4pm
281-647-997721733 Provincial Blvd Ste 110, Katy TX 77450
Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 6.00pm, Sat: 10am - 4pm

21733 Provincial Blvd Ste 110, Katy TX 77450

Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 6.00pm, Sat: 10am - 4pm

Impress Computers – IT Solutions & Computer Repair Katy

Computer Repairs and Laptop Repairs in Katy and Houston TX  

Impress Computers is Katy’s and Houston largest Computer and Laptop Repair Store on the West Side of Town. If you need same day service on computer or laptop repairs then you have come to the right place.

IT Managed Services

We put people before technology. This means that instead of simply “checking off boxes” on a list of Managed IT services requirements and forcing your employees in Katy and Houston to work within these technological confines, we focus on people and their needs first.

No matter what industry you are in, we have dedicated experts with experience in every field committed to serving your unique business needs and objectives. Let’s team up and use technology to help you work with more enjoyment

IT Solutions Designed For You

Our Managed Service Offering Provides:

  • Fixed Monthly Costs – No Hidden Surprises or unexpected bills
  • Improved Performance
  • Elimination of “Slow Time”
  • Minimizing “Down Time”
  • Peace of Mind with Monitored Local and Offsite Backups
  • Proactive Monitoring of all hardware so that we can proactively fix the problem before it becomes an issue that could cause down time, slow time or loss of data
  • Advanced Malware and Virus Protection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Physical Cleaning of all computers and servers – Resulting in better performance and less downtime
  • No Answering Systems – You always speak to a human
  • Business Class Workstations, Laptops and Servers in stock – no waiting for orders to be processed.
  • Complimentary VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) – providing strategic and tactical planning, IT Procurement, IT Growth Strategy, IT Budget Initiatives.

computer managed services

Offering medium and small business IT support solutions and computer service for Energy Corridor, Katy, and beyond:

Need Emergency Computer Support Now? Call us at 281-647-9977.

Customers prefer us for laptop/desktop computer repair and service in Katy and beyond.

Our repeat clientele is a whopping 200%, which speaks great volumes of our dedication to work, systems, customer service, and computer support. Here’s why our customers keep coming back to us for their computer service and IT solutions:

With over a decade of experience behind us, Impress Katy IT solutions and computer service store is loved by clients all over Texas. Our remote services extend across the USA. The projects that we undertake, are completed by professional, trained and exceptionally qualified, locally based technicians.

  • They love our quick quotes: Most customers love the way we work. The moment you send us a query, we get back with a quick estimate.
  • We are open to customization: As a business-owner, you could be working on a tight-budget. Keeping this is in mind, we can customize IT solutions for you based on your budget. So tell us what you’re looking for and your budget, and we might just surprise you with our lowest quote!
  • Emergency calls answered: “I really need it now!” – we hear this often. And we understand that emergencies need to be taken care of. We make sure your urgent requirement is taken care of within your timelines!
  • Customer-friendly budgets: If you’re really thinking about purchasing new hardware or software computer products, we’d love to advise you about the latest and greatest systems. We know that home and business needs differ, and so do budgets. So expect us to give you a pocket-friendly, buying advice.
  • After-sale support: If you’ve purchased from us, you’d love our after-sale support. In the warranty period of the product, we make sure there are no hassles in replacements or repairs, come what may!
  • Your local computer service store: If you really want to come down to our store, just drive down! We would love to show you our range of products or even repair your system instantly. We are in your town and very local.

Computer Setup

Computer repair near me – Impress Computers always has you covered.

Our local computer service area in Katy and beyond covers the following regions:

  • Katy TX
  • Houston TX
  • Sugarland TX
  • Cypress TX
  • Brookshire TX
  • Richmond Rosenberg
  • Remote assistance available across the USA!

Medium and Small business IT support and IT solutions
(installation, set-up, managed support, and repair)

If you’re considering an onsite installation or repair, maybe a dedicated server system, or even something as simple as setting up your current computing system for success, just talk to us about it. We travel the width of the state to make sure our customers get the most customized IT solutions.

Our network engineers make sure that Katy computer services and IT solutions, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting is taken care of in every way – there’s no need for a do it yourself PC repair. Our extensive team is available in distant locations in the state of Texas for onsite computer service and server installations. If you’re looking for remote managed IT support in Katy or outside the state of Texas, then speak with us at 281-647-9977.

Remote computer repairs are also possible for certain issues. Do inquire about this, before you plan to visit our full service computer repair and IT solutions store in Katy TX.

We are the best computer service store in Katy – Buy with confidence at Impress

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new computer system or accessory, you could also purchase online with us. Our website has an exhaustive range of the latest computer resources and products available at our physical store.

At any point in time, should you need any clarification with respect to your purchase, just talk to us at 281-647-9977. We’ll be happy to assist you with more information on any technical computer issues.

All products purchased online are delivered to your address within 7 days from the day of purchase. In case your location is beyond our computer service area, we might just take an 3-5 extra days. You should talk to us about the exact delivery date, if your purchase is a priority purchase we can express ship it to you.

Computer Virus Removal Katy, TX – Need it urgently?

In case your system keeps crashing, shows a blue/black screen or is just not switching on – the system probably just got bugged and you should clean your PC.

At Impress Computers, our computer repair engineers are pros at solving such issues within a couple of hours. We are proud of our geek team. They are experts at diagnosing computer problems and providing IT solutions. You could either call us at 281-647-9977 and plan your visit to the store, or talk to us at an emergency cell number i.e. 713-724-5858.

We can also help you with some of the following computer service add-ons:

  • Computer tune-up: This is especially for systems which are working slow or hanging-up often.
  • Laptop screen repair: A cracked laptop screen can be annoying. At Impress Computers, we repair such screens within a few hours. Talk to us about this need!
  • Operating system installs: Yes, you heard it right! This long and tedious process can be outsourced at Impress Computers Katy TX.
  • Toners for your printers: Let us know a day in advance, and we’ll get your printer the best toners possible.

A Full Media Computer System & Digital Solutions

Have you been dreaming of a full sized media room at your workplace? This is now possible with our latest Audio/Visual Service. Our network engineers can setup a complete conferencing office for you. We bet, this could just be a new milestone for your growing business!

Also, do care to ask about our latest deals on products before finalizing a purchase. You might just get lucky with a surprise discount!

Need emergency support now? Call us at 281-647-9977.

Impress Computers offers Computer Repairs and Laptop Repairs in the Katy, Houston and Richmond Areas, covering the following Zip Codes

#Zip City County St CountryDistance 
177450KATYHARRISTXUS0.00 milesDriving Distance and Directions
277094HOUSTONHARRISTXUS2.81 milesDriving Distance and Directions
377413BARKERHARRISTXUS3.97 milesDriving Distance and Directions
477407RICHMONDFORT BENDTXUS5.26 milesDriving Distance and Directions
577494KATYFORT BENDTXUS5.92 milesDriving Distance and Directions
677083HOUSTONHARRISTXUS6.03 milesDriving Distance and Directions
777449KATYHARRISTXUS6.12 milesDriving Distance and Directions
877082HOUSTONHARRISTXUS6.19 milesDriving Distance and Directions
977492KATYHARRISTXUS6.26 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1077491KATYHARRISTXUS6.26 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1177077HOUSTONHARRISTXUS7.39 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1277084HOUSTONHARRISTXUS7.92 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1377079HOUSTONHARRISTXUS8.10 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1477411ALIEFHARRISTXUS8.46 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1577498SUGAR LANDFORT BENDTXUS8.64 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1677072HOUSTONHARRISTXUS9.27 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1777478SUGAR LANDFORT BENDTXUS9.84 milesDriving Distance and Directions
1877493KATYHARRISTXUS9.90 milesDriving Distance and Directions

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