5 Things to Know About Smishing

Anyone who uses a smartphone has likely been the target of at least one smishing attack. Here are some things you should know about this serious problem with a funny name:

  1. What it is. Short for “SMS phishing,” smishing is an increasingly popular attack vector in which the user is deceived into downloading a virus or malware onto their mobile device.  Essentially, it’s phishing for smartphones.
  2. It’s more effective than phishing.  Why?  Well, research consistently shows that in general, people are more trusting of and responsive to text messages than to email.  Only 25% of emails are opened by recipients, while 82% of text messages are read within five minutes.
  3. COVID made the problem worse.  In one brief period near the outset of the lockdown, smishing spiked 29%.
  4. It’s a security threat for businesses.  Today, employees treat their personal devices as work tools, so personal smartphones often house sensitive corporate intellectual property.  So if a smishing attack implants malware on your phone, attackers could glean all sorts of business data.
  5. You can be part of the solution.  For starters, protect your phone with security software, and stick with approved apps.  In addition, be extremely savvy about red-flag text messages.  Often, smishing attacks seek to anger recipients so they will respond without thinking; for example, a smishing text might purport to be from an airline that’s canceling a flight, or a delivery service claiming your package cannot be delivered.  Be especially wary of texts seeking network login information.

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