Following our previous blog about One Third of all Suspicious Emails are threats 

We recommend looking closely at any email that has links and or attachments before clicking on them. They could be from a person that you know, but unless you are expecting that email from them you do not know if their email had already been compromised and the hackers are sending out emails pretending to be them

One of the checks that you can do is go to and copy and paste the hyperlink into the search bar and see if it comes back as suspicious.

If it a tiny url or zipped file I would not open it or click it unless you are 100% sure that it is expected and trustworthy.

It also helps to phone the person who sent you the email (if you know them) and confirm that the email is legitimate and they did indeed send it.

If you do click on a link by mistake then you need to report this to your IT team. There is a chance that your email password may have been compromised or you could already be infected. Bringing it in as soon as you can will help preserve your data and identity.

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