Meeting Marcus Lemonis

Roland Parker, CFO Impress Computers meeting Marcus Lemonis

Roland got to meet with Marcus Lemonis a couple of times over the past 12 months and what was interesting is back in 2021, Marcus felt that companies like Camping World were secure with in-house IT security.

It was only when they were impacted by a Cyber Security Incident earlier on this year that he realized the importance of having an independent IT security firm that is able to monitor, detect and remediate on attacks on a 24/7 basis.

At Impress Computers, we offer a multi layered defense system as party of our cyber security stack, that includes Zero Trust Whitelisting from ThreatLocker, a 24/7 SOC with End Point Detection and Remediation (EDR) from Sentinel One, along with 24/7 monitoring by their team of experienced technicians that are able to fix problems and eliminate threats before they become an issue.

One of the things that Camping World could have benefitted from in advance, would have been an independent audit from a security firm, that would have picked up on any vulnerabilities, before they were compromised.

If you run a business and would like to have peace of mind that this will not happen to you then we highly recommend scheduling a quick review of you network, along with a Pen Test.

These normally costs thousands of dollars, but Impress Computers is offering this at no charge to you, for the next weeks only.

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