Roland Parker, CEO of Impress Computers go to meet Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful) when he recently spoke in Orlando, FL on the long-term effects the global pandemic had on businesses around the world. Kevin in-person is EXACTLY like Mr. O’Leary that sits in the middle seat on ABC’s Shark Tank and he spoke very frankly about the market, the pandemic, and what it takes to survive as a businesses before going belly-up in a post-pandemic world.

#1 In the Post Pandemic World – Businesses were forced to operate remotely on a large scale

Businesses either closed or sent their employees to work from home. This forced business leaders to look at their cloud solutions and remote infrastructure plan. Work from home solutions provide companies accessible software where their employees can effectively collaborate in real-time.

#2 New technology was adopted quickly

instead of seeing technology as an expense, technology is  now utilized every second and essential to operations. Those who did not adopt and changed, ended up closing their doors

#3 New focus on direct-to-consumer strategies.

Since the pandemic, many businesses have shifted their sales model to selling directly to their customers through online shopping. The example Mr. O’Leary used was Nike. Previously, Nike used shoe stores like Finish Line, Rack Room, Foot Locker, etc. to sell their shoes in brick-and-mortar stores. Now, Nike has seen positive growth through selling directly to their customers through their online store.

  • Impress Computers: The more you increase your online business the more you are exposed to hackers. Online stores require sensitive data and information to be provided by the consumer (credit card numbers, home addresses, etc.). It is the duty of the business- no matter how small or new to online stores- to make sure that the data is encrypted and safe during the transaction. It’s simple, our cyber-security services keep data safe. We worry about it so you don’t have to. We offer a full 24/7 support platform to keep you safe and secure

#4 Reassessment of real estate investments and costs.

Business leaders are asking the question – should we pay for this much office space? The pandemic has shown that employees may be just as productive at home as they are when in an office. So as business leaders and investors are analyzing their costs, rental office spaces are a large topic of conversation.

  • Impress Computers offers to walk you through the entire process of determining if this new work from home model will work for you business. We have enabled hundreds of business and can assist you with your needs. If you would like more information on how you can benefit from this process you can schedule this here

#5 Potential for long-term operational enhancements.

Business leaders are looking to invest in their staff, reduce costs, improve customer experience, streamline, and simplify.

As Mr. Wonderful closed his presentation, he mentioned how scared he is of cyber-attacks. His biggest concern for his own business (and businesses he has investments in) is the cyber-security plan and how secure their network is. If you would like to check if your network is secure you can do this at no charge from the Impress Computers team