Roland Parker, CEO of Impress Computers got to meet up with the legendary running back, Emmit Smith recently and learned how important team work was for Emmit.

As a young man, Emmit really wanted to play Quarter Back, and had to learn from his coaches that team work was important that just being a star, and that his real talent lied in the running back position.


As as business owner, Roland saw that the same principals in sport also apply to running a successful company.

You have to carefully select your employees and place them in the best position for the company and the client, so that exceptional, award winning service can be achieved.

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made, and everyone in the company must have the same buy in and stick to the companies core values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Constant Improvement

Every customer is important and every member of staff plays an important role in both  customer service and security monitoring and protection.

Impress Computers now offers a 24/7 service option and learning from people like Emmit Smith is important to constantly improving work flow and service to customers

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