You need to improve your Network Security Today

With the increase in cyber security threats that all companies are being affected by, it is extremely important to increase your company’s security by adding multiple layers of security by sitting down with your MSP IT Provider and develop a Cyber Security Stack.

At Impress Computers we have developed a multi-layered security stack to protect our customers.

This is broken down to the following:-

  • Firewall – having a good firewall with an active subscription is essential in todays environment. We recommend SonicWall’s and actively monitor all threats
  • Zero Trust Application – The best way to combat threats is to activate a Zero Trust Policy where NO new programs can be installed without the IT Department authorizing the install. We use Threatlocker which employs a combination of Whitelisting and Ringfencing to protect the entire network
  • Next Gen Anti Virus – Relying on a normal Anti Virus in today’s environment is simply no longer acceptable. In order to deflect threats you need to have End Point Detection and Remediation (EDR) that is coupled with a 24/7 SOC that is able to remediate any threats and quarantine them to prevent any type of spread.
  • Backup Disaster and Recovery Backup Solution that is multi layered and goes back 6-18 months with multiple revisions. We use Acronis, which allows us to spin up a Virtual Server within minutes and restores of a complete system within a matter of a few hours. Backups also need to have ransomware and malware detection and removal.
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