Now Media interviews Roland Parker from Impress Computers and asks What Is a Cyber Threat and Why Should You Bother?

Cyber threats may or may not happen, and the fear of the unknown continues to pervade most organizations. However, taking precautions after a breach has occurred may be a little too late. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman is quoted as saying that in the cyber community, there are two types of companies: those who have been hacked and those who do not know they have been hacked.

Why do Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity? Small business are now under attack at more time than ever before as hackers are seeing them as easy targets

What are some of the Risks Involved for Small Businesses? There are many risks, costs of having to pay the ransom, financial fraud, wire transfer fraud, loss of business during downtime, lost credibility, resulting in 50% of businesses going out of business after a major ransomware attack

What could be the Impact of a Cyberattack on Small and Midsize Businesses? Financial Loss, Revenue Loss, losing current and future customers and ultimately the loss of the entire business

What types of Cyber Threats for Small Businesses are there? Phishing, Smishing, Vishing, Waterholes and Driveby Downloads

Can you tell us about Phishing? Attempt to gain credentials through emails by get the end using to click on a link or attachme

Are You A “Sitting Duck”?

Small businesses are under attack. Right now, extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of small businesses to steal credit cards and client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Some are even being funded by their own government to attack small, virtually defenseless businesses.

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