Roland + Robet Herjavec

Roland Parker from Impress Computers got to visit with Robert Herjavec  (Shark Tank) and his 24/7 SOC in Kansas City as part of Robert’s MSSP, Cyderes

The same security that large companies have can also be applied to your small or medium sized business.

Security Awareness Training is still the No1 thing that all businesses need and in this video we cover what you need

  • Phishing – Don’t Click on Links or Attachments
  • Enable 2FA
  • Have Secure Passwords
  • Do not reuse the same passwords on different sites
  • Never hit the X to close a Pop Up – Use CNTRL-Shift- ESC and then End Task
  • Watch out for Smishing – similar to Phishing, but sent as a test to your cell phone
  • Never allow employees to access data except on company issued, locked down devices
  • Have Bitlocker Encryption enabled on Laptops
  • Install Ai Email Security Programs and 3rd Party Email Backups
  • Have a Penetration Test Performed
  • Check your backup System