Roland + Robet Herjavec

Roland Parker interviews Office 365 Specialist, Johnathan, on how to secure your email environment so that you can prevent the bad guys from getting in.

The best defense is the following

1. Enable Multi Factor Authorization – either 2FA text to your phone or enable MFA through an Authenticator App – helping to prevent the bad guys from accessing your email and alert you when someone attempts to access your account.

2. Employee Training and Simulated Phishing Emails

3. Advanced Ai Email Protection – We recommend using Graphus Email Protection as it is seamless and works in the background

Double check all emails and text messages that have links or ask you to enter your credentials (username and password)

Always go directly to the source – never click on the link or phone the number on the email or text.

Are You A “Sitting Duck”? Small businesses are under attack. Right now, extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of small businesses to steal credit cards and client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Some are even being funded by their own government to attack small, virtually defenseless businesses.

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