When doing online banking, don’t access your banking accounts or any of your work accounts from the computers that your kids or general family members use. I understand that when it comes to personal computers, it feels like the family can share one…but it isn’t worth the risk.

Keeping one PC dedicated to your family and one dedicated to your work not only reduces the chances of getting a bank account–hacking virus, but it also increases the chances of you not having a problem with the computer you are dependent on.

Think about all the germs your kids pick up on the playground. The Internet is much the same. They are learning what they should and shouldn’t do online, and you don’t want to have one of their decisions impact your work.

And yes, that home computer you use for work should have a password on it that only you know, it should have an advanced security solution protecting it and it should be managed and maintained to make sure nothing naughty is going on underneath the hood.

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