Roland + Robet Herjavec

You! And your employees. Like it or not, human beings are our own worst enemies online, inviting hackers, viruses, data breaches, data loss, etc., through the seemingly innocent actions taken every day online. In most cases, this is done without malicious intent – but if you as a manager or owner aren’t monitoring what websites your employees are visiting, what files they’re sending and receiving, and even what they’re posting in company e-mail, you could be opening yourself up to a world of hurt.

That’s because employees’ actions can subject the company they work for to monetary loss, civil lawsuits, data theft and even criminal charges if they involve disclosure of confidential client/patient information.

Two things you can do: One, create an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to outline what employees can and cannot do with work devices, e-mail, data and Internet. That way they know how to play safe. Second, implement ongoing training (like these tips!) to keep security top of mind. We can also run phishing security tests and score your employees. That will truly show if they know how to spot a suspicious e-mail and will make them realize how easy it is to be duped.

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