Beware of the Window Defender Security Center Scam, How to remove pop up without getting infected


Basically the end user is surfing the web when a screen takes over and frightens you into phoning the number that says is from Microsoft

This is a Scam

Do not click the “x” to close the pop up

Do not hit close and Do not phone the number

Simply do the following


2. Highlight Browser

3. End Task

4. Disk Cleanup

If you are not sure, shut the computer down and bring it in to Impress Computers

Or schedule an onsite consult

We have been inundated with calls this week from customer’s who have been hit with fake Microsoft scams, that come in the form of a pop up on their screen. This is what we call scareware and you need to know how to treat it so that you do not get infected, Normally they try and scare you into calling a phone number or hitting the x to close it down. DO NOT DO THIS. We have some simple tricks on removing the pop up safely and keeping you virus free, Simply read our blog here on how to remove this pop up safely You can also watch the video below Be careful when searching for support as Microsoft does not offer support in general.

Do Not click the X Do not phone the number

Instead Hit CNTRL-SHIFT-Escape

Highlight your browser

Click End Task Then do a Disk Clean Up to remove the temporary internet files

If you hit the X or phoned the number you would need to bring it in as soon as you can

Or schedule an onsite consult

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