Sherman: Welcome back to Biz Talk with Sherman. I’m your host Sherman on from Hometown insurance services. Excited to be able to talk with Roland Parker here, your Biz, your Tech with Roland Parker. Welcome back.


Roland Parker: Hey, Sherman. Great to be back with you.


Sherman: All right. So what we have here are some top questions that accompany a small business should really be asking their tech provider. So kind of first question that comes to mind here is what should your current tech, you know, tech employee or company be doing when it comes to their business needs?


Roland Parker: So I think the big thing is you really want to if you are just going with your tech company to provide it support, that’s the least common denominator. You really want to be sitting down with the company to look at what programs am I using, what type of software am I using? How can I use my technology to benefit my company so that my company can continue to grow?


Sherman: So when a business owner has a look at this on their, let’s say, their statements and they go, Am I spending too much on technology?


Roland Parker: Yeah. So you really want to look at, you know, how much money you’re spending and what is your return on investment? And we would like to sit down with you and discuss, you know, are you spending too little? And your employees are getting frustrated because things are running inefficiently or you’re spending too much money and you are overspending on things that you shouldn’t be doing. So that’s when it comes down to sitting down with somebody like ourselves to really get a good understanding of your business and how you can benefit without overspending.


Sherman: And are there certain specific costs that are involved with that kind of look at their technology spend?


Roland Parker: So we’ll actually do that complimentary. We’re not going to charge anything for it. We really want to sit down with you and look at. From an overall view of your company, what do you what can you best spend your money on? And we’re going to do that at no charge.


Sherman: That’s amazing. And I got to find in that analysis, you find some some good things and some things that maybe might need to be adjusted.


Roland Parker: Absolutely. And you might find that, you know, you’re going to have to spend some money on buying new programs, new software to improve the efficiency of your company so you can can actually grow. Otherwise, you’re going to find that you’re actually painting yourself into a corner by not actually getting the correct software and hardware for your business.


Sherman: And when it comes to having a look at where people can store data, what’s that look like?


Roland Parker: You know, these days, people have got so many different options and you’ve really got to look at all my employees mainly working in house. Are they working remotely? Are we doing a hybrid situation? So there’s certain times when having a server with all the data stored on the server makes the most sense, especially if all of your employees are really working in house. You might find that you’re putting your data on a Nas drive or a network attached storage device, or you might say, Well, we’re going to go entirely in the cloud or partially in the cloud with the stuff in the cloud is synchronizing with your data in the server. So we really want to sit down and look at some people say, well. Because of where I go. I’m putting everything in the cloud and we sit down with him and discover that 95% of the employees are working from the office and only a few people need remote access. You could be spending a lot of money putting your data in the cloud and it’s not necessary. It’s only when you have remote employees that it makes the best sense to have everything in the cloud. So having those discussions before you start spending thousands and thousands of dollars on unnecessary technology is it’s best to. Um, sit down with us and discuss this right in the beginning. Don’t wait until you have started wasting money unnecessarily.


Sherman: I’ve got to imagine that business owners might often ask you this following question, and that’s how can a business or how can our technology here at our business actually drive profitability? What’s your response if a business owner asks you that?


Roland Parker: Well, you know, profitability can be greatly increased if you use the right technology. You invest in the right resources. One of the things that you obviously need to make sure of. Am I protected from a security point of view because your profits are going to go way down if you suddenly get a ransomware attack or anything like that. But in addition to that, not just security and cost of implementation of that, but you also want to make sure all my employees productive. Am I getting the most out of my software? Am I getting the most out of everything that we’re doing? If you don’t have the correct technology in place, you’re never going to be able to grow your business.


Sherman: And how long has technology played a role in the business landscape?


Roland Parker: You know, this has been around for a long time. We’ve we’ve been in the industry for the past 30 years, and we’ve seen it change dramatically over that time. But if you’re looking at investing in cloud technology, if you’re investing in servers, all of these things are known, proven things you don’t necessarily have to go after the latest and greatest flashing gizmos. These are true and tried and tested technologies that have been around for a while.


Sherman: That’s amazing. So if if someone’s comfortable or sorry, uncomfortable with technology talk, how does that conversation flow?


Roland Parker: Well, that’s really what we specialize in. We want to sit down with people that technologies, they’re uncomfortable, they don’t understand the gigabytes and all the all the you know, what type of do I need a server? Do I need a Nas? Do I need cloud, Do I need a hybrid? It just becomes very confusing for them. We sit down, we put it in layman’s term and we really want to look at what is your business doing and what do you need to have your technology as a business growth. We take care of all the heavy lifting and make it smooth and seamless for you.


Sherman: So if someone has any follow up questions, Roland, about their technology, how can they get in touch with you and your team?


Roland Parker: The best thing to do, give us a call at (281) 647-9977 or reach us on the Web. Impress computers, tech that’s impress computers, tech and they can schedule a network assessment or an appointment directly off our website.


Sherman: Wonderful. This segment of your tech your business with Roland Parker. We’re going to take a quick commercial break, folks, and really appreciate all of our guests. If you want to be a guest, feel free to email me at Sherman Ford at HG Finet. Hope you guys have a wonderful week. Sherm’s out.