Jeff Johnson: All right, Jeff Johnson, president of Msrp Success magazine. And I’m thrilled to have Roland Parker, the CEO of Impress Computers, here with me on this this video here today. And and, Roland, we were just talking about this and, you know, too many businesses out there and you were telling me about this, and I’d like you to talk about this. Too many businesses don’t plan for downtime until it happens. We see that that it’s it’s the syndrome of it’s never going to happen to me. And so why put in that effort the time the money to be able to plan for that you know.


Roland Parker: Business owners get involved in how they trying to grow their own business. They focusing on the problems that arise every single day, but they never thinking about the business continuity. What happens when disaster strikes. And in the Houston area, we’ve seen things like when the ice freeze hit and businesses were shut down. We had Harvey, which came in 2017, and many businesses were under water. They weren’t able to operate. We had Covid. How do you have employees working remotely? How do you sustain your business during those times when disaster strikes? And of course, post Covid, we’ve had a whole slew of cyber attacks and people think, well, they’re going to go after the big guys. They’re never going to come after me until it hits them, until all your data is encrypted, your backups are encrypted, and you’ve got no way of coming back from that. Now, you’re at that point, do you pay the ransom? Do you suck it up and and try and rebuild your data? And that’s why it’s so important to have a good IT company behind you that’s going to be your partner during those times. That is going to help you plan ahead so that when something happens, you already know what you’re going to do. You’ve already got things in place and you say, we’re going to follow the procedure. Do you have that disaster recovery manual in place that you can automatically put into for the process to take place instead of sitting back and going, what do we do now and throwing your hands in the air?


Jeff Johnson: And you work with many businesses and and manage the computer networks for many businesses in the \ Houston area. When do you start that planning so with them so.


Roland Parker: Part of it is on a from the initial meeting we want to sit down with them, find out how they grow their business. And over the next 90 days, we really start putting a plan together in addition to their normal help desk and various problems that they’re going to have, we really put those plans into place in the first 90 days in helping establish that disaster recovery manual.


Jeff Johnson: All right. Well, great. Well, you heard it here. Make sure that you get that planning in place. You don’t want to be stuck behind the eight ball when it does happen to you. And more often than not, these days, it will happen to you.


Roland Parker: In fact, if anything, it’s not. If it’s going to happen, it’s when it’s going to happen. You just got to be prepared.


Jeff Johnson: Yeah. And Roland, if anyone’s interested in learning more about impress computers, how should they get a hold of you.


Roland Parker: If they just go to impress or give us a call 2816479977.


Jeff Johnson: All right. Excellent. Well, thank you for joining us today, Roland.