Having just one backup is no longer OK.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of people lose everything even though they had a backup.

One of the biggest problems has been caused by Ransomware that encrypted the data on the computer/server and their backup.

Three cases really stood out.

  1. A company came in that had a remote support contract with an Out of State IT Firm that had setup their backup to a hard drive inside the server. When their server got encrypted, the infection also spread to their backup. They lost everything.
  2. Another company was on our backup plan. They got hit with ransomware, but we were able to recover from all of their data from an offsite backup. There was some downtime and additional costs, but no data was lost.
  3. A 3rd company was on our IT Managed Service Plan. They had an attempted Ransomware attack, but because we were actively monitoring their network we were able to thwart the attempt and prevent any data loss or downtime. In fact, they were able to continue without missing a beat.

The question you need to ask is how secure is YOUR data and how long would it take to recover from any form of data loss, whether it be ransomware, failed hard drives, theft, electrical surges, water damage or simple accidental deletion of data.

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Roland Parker