We have seen an increase in fraudulent activity with peoples emails getting compromised because they opened an adobe attachment.

The attachment had no immediate effect, but it gave the bad guys access to their email account.

The scammers then wait for an opportunity to jump in and impersonate one of the party’s emails and request wire transfers etc.

Other types of attachments can deliver Ransomware, which will then encrypt all of your data and hold you to ransom. If this were to happen you should shut the machine down immediately and bring it in.

Most of the emails came from someone that the person knew, and the other persons email got compromised. The virus spreads by emailing all contacts in their database.

So if you receive an email from someone that you know, but it doesn’t look quite right. DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Pick up the phone and check with the sender to see if it was legit. Do not reply to the email as you could get the response from the hacker instead of the real contact.