It’s time to be prepared and plan to work from home, should the Corona Virus continue to spread.

If you have setup remote access already then you should test this connection and ensure that everything is working smoothly and securely.

If you do not have remote access setup then this is the time to put things in place.

Remember that the bad guys will also be on the look out to for any loopholes so you need to ensure that security is in place to prevent the hackers from gaining access.

Check List of things you need to remote from home or have your employees work from home

  • Ensure that you have fast internet at home/remote location and that your office location has enough bandwidth to handle multiple remotes.
  • Check that the Remote PC is working correctly and does not have any viruses, spyware or malware
  • Test the Office PC to make sure that it does not go into sleep mode or hibernation
  • Subscribe to secure remote software like LogMeIn and test that this works BEFORE you need to work from home

Check in your remote PC to be checked here…

Schedule an assessment to setup Remote Access to work from Home

Test the Speed of your home and business network... You should be looking a range of 100mbps to 200mbps so that you do not experience excessive lag. You can contact us if you would like ideas on increasing your speed.

work from home

Remember this is not a time to panic, but just to be prepared in advance.


Have a great week and Stay Safe!




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