The best gaming CPU for most people

You could start with the i5-8400, or what we recommend is the faster, unlocked Core i5-8600K which costs $269 at Impress . This does not come with a fan, but we generally upgrade the fan anyway. You could go with a Gaming Cooler, or a Liquid Cooled System. If you find you would like even more horsepower, you can go with the i7-8700k processor. How do these processors compare? If you go to the CPU Benchmark, you will find that the i5-8600k has a rating of 12,804, whilst the 8700k has a rating of 15,973

The Core i5-8600k is blazing fast and an outstanding value, but it might not be the chip for you if gaming isn’t your strong focus. The six CPU cores can handle plenty of tasks, but if you plan on streaming, video/image editing, or very heavily multitasking, the Ryzen 5 1600X ($229 at Impress) might be a better option  Its six cores are multi-threaded, giving you a total of 12 threads, and all Ryzen chips can be overclocked. The Ryzen 5-1600x has a cpu rating of 13,223 so comes in between the i5-8600 and the i7-8700k, but is less expensive.

if you absolutely, positively want to push your games as fast as they can go, no processor has ever offered the gaming performance of Intel’s Core i7-8700K, full stop. Look no further if you plan on milking your ultra-fast gaming monitor for every frame possible, or plan on picking up an enthusiast-class graphics card like the ferocious GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

As a K-series processor, the chip is overclockable when paired with an Intel Z370 motherboard, letting you push the pedal to the metal even more. Many chips are capable of breaking the 5GHz barrier when paired with a beefy aftermarket cooler. Intel also upped the core count of its flagship this generation, boosting the Core i7-8700K to six cores and twelve threads.

Consider skipping the Core i7-8700K if you aren’t riding the bleeding-edge of gaming performance, though. Even without overclocking performance and those six threads, the Core i5-8600k comes within striking distance of the 8700K’s out-of-the-box frame rates for nearly half the cost.

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