If you suspect that you have been hit with Ransomware recently you may want to ensure that specific ports are closed… contact Impress to determine which ones are more vulnerable

ConnectWise warned that ransomware attacks are targeting open ports for its Automate on-premises application

Only Automate Partners who are on-premise could be vulnerable to ransomeware due to them leaving ports open. The Exposed Port Vulnerability bulletin that went out recently was sent because we observed an increase in SQL Injection attacks on databases via an exposed port, specifically port 3306. In response to this we are recommending Partners to reassess their port arrangement to make sure the appropriate ports are closed. We have always recommended port specific ports be closed to outside connections, but these attacks have revealed that some partners may not have specific ports closed.

All Impress Computers Managed Service customers have not been affected as we do not use on-premise Automate


If you need computer help with your ransomware attack we recommend getting hold of Impress Computers on 281-647-9977