I wanted to alert you to the latest scam doing the rounds. The scam artists have been phoning people stating that they are going to refund them the money they spent on Ransomware, getting their data unencrypted. They tried to convince the customer to enter the CTRL Windows Key and R. This starts a run box and they will try and get you to run commands that gives them access to your PC.

They will try and be very convincing, but DO NOT TRUST THEM. Hang up and report the number.

We also had 3 other cases this week, where customer’s had lost their data due to hard drive failure and did not have a backup.One of the customer’s had dropped his laptop, but it worked for another 2 days, so they thought they were OK, until the hard drive died completely.

We recommend checking your hard drive on a regular basis. Impress Computers offers free hard drive tests for your peace of mind. Check your Hard Drive Here by using HDTune.

Remember if you drop your laptop, or have a liquid spill. Turn it off and bring it in. This will ensure the highest chance of getting your data back or recovering your laptop.


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Watch this video on how to check your hard drive