Cybersecurity threats on small businesses have dramaticaly increased and now represent 43% of all cyber breaches. This is significant as the bulk of these are not reported.

Many small business owners do not have adequate security and are more vulnerable than ever before.

All businesses, despite their size are at risk. Breaches occur because small businesses make the mistake of assuming it won’t happen to them, they forget basic preventative measures, and they manage everything on their own, failing to invest in a reliable security system.

So what can you do?

Knowledge! – Employee training is essential – Treat attachments and links with suspicion – even if they come from someone that you know! Remember that most attacks are now started by people opening emails from someone that they know as that persons email account was compromised, then by you opening it, all of your contacts are affected.

Remote Access – Open ports on your router or firewall can give hackers access to your entire system. Have a security analysis done to ensure that you do not have unnecessary open ports. Schedule a Network Security today

Also, if you have employees who remote in to the network from home or when they travel you need to ensure that security measures are put in place so that your network is not vulnerable

Wire Transfers and ACH – Even if you have not been exposed, if one of your customer’s or suppliers have been exposed then you need to be suspicious when bank account information is altered. Often the bad guys will simply wait and watch and request that wire transfers be made to a new bank account. Always make a phone call when ever you see anything out of the ordinary – do not simply reply to the email.

Firewalls with Multi Layered Security- Ensure that you have a good firewall with an active subscription – Also have a security analysis done once a year to ensure that you are not exposed. An example of a reasonably priced unit with 1 year protection is available on our website for $1299

Pop Ups – Fake Pop Ups have been increasing over the years and how you treat them is important. Never hit the “x” or close to remove them. Simply press ALT-F4 or CTRL-SHIFT-ESC – this will bring up you task manager and you can highlight the offending browser and hit end task. Remember to do a disk clean up when you are finished. This is a useful video to watch

Ransomware Attacks – These have increase by 350% over the past few years. The best defense if employee education, having an active subscription to Malwarebytes and having good multi layered backups. Do not rely on a single backup method because if that get encrypted then you will have no alternative but lose the data or pay the ransom

Admin Account Access – Small businesses often give too many employees access to vital services and hardware through admin accounts. These accounts can be easily hacked, however, and are favorite targets of many cyber criminals. Consider dialing back the number of admin accounts your company has and make sure only necessary people are granted access.

2FA – Two factor Authentication – Use strong authentication on customer facing applications, any remote access and cloud-based email. There are examples of 2FA vulnerabilities, but theydon’t excuse lack of implementation