Have you ever though about doing a custom build computer for Gaming, AutoCad, or a high end Business Class Computer that can handle multiple monitors?

Impress Computers has just released our BUILD A PC page on our website, where you can customize a computer to your needs.

Simply click on the link above, then start by selecting your processor, followed by your memory, motherboard, liquid cooling etc. You will only be shown compatible parts and your total costs will be shown as you go.

All parts have 3-5 year warranties.

We then give you 3 choices.

1. Build the PC yourself

2. Come into the store and build it with a tech

3. Simply get us to assemble and test the computer for you.

This makes a great gift for Christmas for kids who want to learn how to build their own computers. Simply schedule a time to come into the store and we will get a tech to teach them how to assemble their custom build.

For Businesses this is a great time to upgrade your computers and write it off for tax purposes.

Still not sure? Come into the store and speak to Marlon or Josh for advice on the best Custom Build for your needs.

Have a great week!