We have had a lot of customers come in recently that were getting confused between running out of Memory and Running out of Hard Drive Space.
You Hard Drive is where all Data and Programs are stored on a permanent basis. If you want to check out how much of your hard drive you are using click on the following
1. Left Click “Start”, then left click on “Computer” (In Windows 10 just Type “computer” in the search)
2. Right Click on Your Local Disk (C:) and left click on Properties
3. You should always have more that 10% Free Space otherwise your computer will slow down.
You can free up space by doing a Disk Cleanup whilst you are in this position – just click on the “disk cleanup” icon to the right of the Hard Drive Chart then check the boxes and hit OK
This will also clean out the temporary Internet folders, which is Important, as most of the Bad Guys tend to hide in that location, causing pop ups etc. Doing this on a regular basis is a good idea.
To see how much memory you have installed and are using you can either hit CTRL-ALT-DEL or right click on the bottom bar and left click on the Windows Task Manager, then click on the Performance Tab.
The Total Memory is the Total Installed Memory in Your PC
Cached Memory is data that has been fetched into memory during the current session, but is no longer in use.
Free Memory is Memory that is free for use immediately.
If you do not have enough Free Memory your computer will slow down.
You will either need to
a. Close Programs
b. Restart Your PC
If you continuously run out of Free Memory then you will either need to add more memory or you may have spyware running in the background.
To find out how much memory your computer will hold use one of our memory Finders

If you want to watch a Video on the above this can be found on our website
I hope you found this useful and if you would like to add more memory or a bigger hard drive you can always come by the store and ask for Roy, Daniel or Michael and they will help guide you in the right direction.
Have a great Week