Boomerang for Gmail

You can schedule or emails to be sent at a later stage with Gmail, but now Boomerang for Gmail extension takes it further  with things such as the ability be reminded if you haven’t received a response to a sent email within a specified time period.

Google uses Ai  to predict how likely it is that an email you’re writing will receive a response. You can also get additional features such as recurring messages, inbox pause and Advanced Machine Learning that includes scores for politeness and subjectivity. These are only available only with a paid Boomerang plan.


Turn Gmail messages into Kanban-style cards that you drag and drop onto boards à la Trello. Add comments and tasks with due dates to an email, which then puts the task on your Google calendar. Drag is also useful for sharing email


When creating or responding to an email, you can click the calendar icon to easily add open time slots from your Google calendar. It’s an easy way to tell others when you’re available for a meeting, and they can click their preferred time slot to book

Toggl Button

With Toggl, you can easily stop and start timing activities, set a default project, and get reminded to track your time when keyboard activity is detected but no timer is running.

AdGuard AdBlocker

Block ads in YouTube and other videos without hindering browser performance. The extension offers plenty of customizable settings, plus phishing and malware protection. And the developer claims that AdGuard works even on sites that use anti-ad-blocking scripts.

Click & Clean

The extension lets you easily delete browsing history, empty the cache, delete cookies and more, using a time period of your choice, from the beginning of the current session to the “beginning of time.”

HTTPS Everywhere

When you browse or follow a link to an unsecured web page with an http URL, the extension automatically redirects you to a secure https version of the URL; if it can’t find one, it blocks the page.


The extension uses public and private encryption keys and places a ‘Secure Compose’ button above Gmail’s ‘Compose’ button to make encrypting new messages easy.

Speedtest by Ookla

The free Chrome extension also tells you how fast a web page loads — handy for a quick assessment of your site’s speed.


A tool that crawls websites for issues that can degrade search engine ranking, such as speed, security, redirects, CSS errors, broken links and more

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote retains much of a web page’s formatting when saving it to an Evernote notebook. You can highlight important text on a web page and save it to Evernote or grab a screenshot. A drop-down menu makes it easy to share your clipped note in email or on social media, too. Right-clicking a link anywhere on the web will also save the content to your Evernote account

Print Friendly and PDF

Before you print a web page or transform it into a PDF, the extension lets you adjust font and image sizes; delete blocks of text, ads and images; and more