Backup Solution with Local and Offsite Backups

Price: $99.99

Impress Computers Data Back Up Service:

Scope of Included Services. Impress Computers will perform:

  1. Local Backup to a NAS (Network Drive) – We will install and supply both the drive and software to perform daily backups. This will create an image of folders and documents and can be used as a temporary device to access files should the server be inoperable. Programs cannot be run on the NAS drive, but other computers on the network can access the NAS to keep the customer up and running whilst the server is down.
  2. Offsite Backups – Impress will setup and monitor offsite backups. These are incremental backups that will occur throughout the day with 15 minute intervals. The 15 minute interval window can be changed to longer periods depending on internet bandwidth.

We also have Offsite Backup Options for Home Users and Micro Business Users that can backup up to 10 devices.

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