Hosted Exchange

Price: $15.00

Microsoft Hosted Exchange :

If you are looking for a reliable e-mail management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, and you want it now, then hosted Exchange  is right for you. Businesses and individuals choose Microsoft Exchange hosting service for the reasons of cost, convenience, reliability, productivity enhancing features.

The advantages of using a Hosted Exchange Service are as follows:-

  1. You can sync all devices in real-time – emails, calendar, notes, and sub-folders.
  2. Everything is backed-up off-site. If you have a hard drive failure or lose your laptop – no problem – enter your email and password on your new or repaired computer and everything is automatically there, included your suggested contacts (hosted exchange is the only method that saves suggested contacts)
  3. Unlimited Mailbox Size – You don’t have to worry about your outlook files getting too large and causing instability or even worse, for it to crash.
  4. Smart phones will sync, whether you are using iPhones, BlackBerries, Windows Phones or Android Phones
  5. Full Expandable – from 3 users to unlimited users.
  6. Easy to setup Alias’ and Distribution Lists – For example you may have a general emails like info@… on your website that you would like to have distributed to numerous people. You do not pay for this email address and we can set it up so that those people can see who has read and responded to the email

If you need additional security and protection, this can be added for an additional $1.25/user/month

We can add a optional advanced threat protection that scans all incoming emails with attachments and links of any kind. This provides for a more secure environment and we can also limit incoming email to only come from certain areas of the world and languages. Then lastly we can incur rules we have been adding from known spammers to limit incoming spam mail they may receive. The additional fee that incurs with this license is $1.25 per user on top of our regular email pricing. Let me know if you have any further questions and I can go into details