Computer Check In

Please note: All fields must be filled in. If you are not sure what to enter, just type N/A in that field. There is a $55 Non Refundable Deposit Fee, which is applied to the Final Repair Costs or to cover the technicians time should the customer decline the repairs.

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    Virus Removal Options

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    A. Plug & Play - Keeps Data, programs and printer drivers intact
    - Viruses are manually removed - Includes Optimization - $215

    (Choose this option if you have Quickbooks, Outlook, TurboTax, Quicken or simply want the least disruption)

    B. No Data Saved - Hard Drive is Wiped, Windows is Installed,
    Drivers Install, AV Installed - $115

    (Choose this option if you do not have anything important - when you get it back it will be like a new pc out of the box)

    C. Data Saved (Photos, Music, Spreadsheets, Word Docs, Favorites, Desktop)
    - NO PROGRAMS - Printer to be reinstalled - $169

    (Choose this option if you only want to save your photos, music etc - Remember you will need to resinstall programs and your printer)
    NOTE - If you have data that is stored under program folders, or folders in your root directory these are not automatically saved

    D. Not sure if I have a Virus - Please run Inspection Tests and let me know

    Do you want to transfer data? YesNo

    Data Transfer Options

    Do you want us to install Office? YesNo

    If you have an existing copy we would need the license for 2007 or 2010, or Microsoft Login Information for 2013/2016 or 2019

    Do you Have Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016? If we need to reload we will need your email and password to your Microsoft Account

    Microsoft Email Address:*

    Microsoft Password:*

    Do you use Outlook for emails? YesNo If Yes, then how is Outlook Configured?

    A. PST
    B. IMAP (if the computer does not turn on we will not be able to get contacts)
    C. OST
    D. Not sure

    Do you want us to copy Favorites/Bookmarks? YesNo If Yes then what browser do you use?

    A. Internet Explorer
    B. Edge
    C. Chrome
    D. Firefox

    What Anti Virus do you want us to install?

    What other programs do you use that you would like us to install? (eg Quickbooks)

    Do you need us to install a printer? Installing a usb printer is $50 and Installing a wireless or network printer would be an onsite visit of $100 YesNo

    Do you need wireless? YesNo

    What Connection does you current monitor have? VGADVIHDMIDisplay Port

    I need my computer back as quickly as possible
    Add Priority Fee of $50 to get it straight on the bench YesNo

    Do you want to receive computer tips on how to stay Virus Free? YesNo

    Do you want to have your Computer Cleaned for $50? YesNo
    We can blow out the dust and clean the fans for $50

    Do you want to have your Laptop Stripped and Cleaned + New Thermal Paste for $99? YesNo

    Once you complete the check in form, you will be taken to a secure website to enter your credit card information.

    This is to pay for the $55 Non Refundable Deposit Fee, which is applied to the Final Repair Costs or to cover the technicians time should the customer decline the repairs.

    Thank You