With the storms running through the Houston area this week and more expected this weekend we have had a lot of calls from customers whose computers are not powering up or their networks are down.

The biggest problems that we have seen is blown power supplies, motherboards and failed hard drives.

It is important to ensure that all of your electronic equipment are connected to a good UPS/ Battery Backup, not just a surge strip. Everything that needs to stay up and running needs to be connected to the battery side of the UPS. If you UPS is more than 3 years old it may also need to be replaced.

A simple test is to disconnect the UPS from the wall and see how long it lasts.

Do not connect laser printers to the UPS as this can cause the UPS to shut down.

Power supplies can be replaced fairly quickly and you can simply bring it in to the store on Provincial Blvd. Sometimes motherboards are affected as well and we may have to make the call on whether it’s better to replace the computer or replace the motherboard.

Your hard drive may also have been impacted and may need to be replaced. This can be done with either a simple data transfer or you may need data recovery.