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Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

IT Computer Service & Computer Repairs

At Impress Computers, our geek computer repair experts diagnose computer problems and provide IT solutions within just hours. Call us, 281-647-9977, plan a visit to the store, or talk to us at our emergency number, 713-724-5858.

Impress Computers is your local computer repair and service store for Katy/Houston and beyond. We provide our customers with great customer service, customized IT solutions, and computer repair. You can depend upon Impress Computers.

Apple/Mac Computer Repair Services

Full diagnostic & repair of both software and hardware problems for all types of Macs.

Computer Tune Up

If your computer is running slowly then you can bring it into the store for a pc repair tuneup.

Cryptowall Prevent

The most common cause is the user clicking on an attachment in an email that contains an executable file.

Data Services

Backups or transfers, data recovery, hard drive clones and secure data destruction

Data Encryption Service

Whole Disk Encryption is an additional layer of security to further protect any electronically stored data by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized parties.

Operating System Install

Yes, we install operating systems!

Remote Support

Impress Computers offers remote support along with on-site support.


Computer repairs, full laptop cleaning, laptop repairs, pc cleaning, power jack repairs…

Setup of New PC or Laptop

Today a PC straight out of the box has to go through an initialization procedure that can be confusing and downright unnerving to many users.

Virus Removal

Basic virus removal, full virus removal, cryptolocker prevention software, backup, wipe and reload…

Laptop Computer Repairs

Laptop Screen Repair

If your laptop screen is cracked or damaged in anyway then bring it into Impress Computers and we will replace it with a brand new screen within a few hours.

Full Laptop Cleaning – Strip and Rebuild

Is your laptop running hot? Does it keep shutting down?

Laptop Computer Repairs

Impress Computers provides a wide range of laptop/notebook repairs from replacing laptop screens and hinges, upgrading RAM (memory), installing new hard drives, and transferring your data as well as general trouble shooting.

Power Jack Repairs

This is a repair we do on a daily basis on ALL brands of laptops for individual customers and other computer repair shops in Katy/Texas and all over the US.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If your laptop keys are sticking or not working, we can help.

Laptop Hinge Replacement

Is your laptop lid loose or falling off? Bring it to us.

IT Computer Service and Computer Repair in Houston/Katy and beyond

Computer repair is described as a process of finding, troubleshooting and solving issues in a faulty computer. Computer repairs are a broad field which includes many tools, procedures and techniques. The main focus of repairing a computer is repairing the computer hardware, software or any network related problem. Computer repair is mainly done by professionals who are also known as repair technicians. If your computer is suffering from any hardware related problems then the physical review of the machine is done. Special equipments are used during the review for disassembling and reassembling of the machine, Software related problems occur mainly because of the operating system, installed applications, viruses, configuration and other software related services.

We are a computer repairs shop that works for repairing of all kinds of problems related to your computer or laptop. We also do computer screen repair and use 100 percent original products. Whenever you face a problem related to your computer or laptop then you tend to search for a “laptop repair near me” on search engines.

Remote computer support that you should know about

If you are outside of our computer repair, service, or onsite computer support area in Katy/Houston, Texas, we can offer remote computer support. In the field of information technology remote support tools are software and tools that help a technician to work directly on the remote system by connecting to a computer from their consoles by using the internet. The main features of this application are desktop sharing, file transfer, command line, desktop sharing, or any kind of guest sharing. This technique is cost effective and with the help of desktop sharing and live chats this becomes an easy process. The main focus of this method is to access machines from all around the world.

This process is easy especially for those customers who are having software related problems and cannot visit our store for help. We try to cater to your needs and try our best to resolve all computer and laptop related problems in a remote way, in the best possible ways. So contact our services for all kind of technical help and needs.

IT Technical Services Professionals hired by our company

We are a Katy/Houston IT support company dealing with remote computer support in an extensive way and we take extra precaution to protect your privacy. We make every effort to fix computers and our professionals can also be described as one of the best computer fixers in the Katy/Houston TX area. The IT professionals working in our company are well trained and qualified. The reviews by our customers help us to improve our services on a constant basis. This remote support process is a unique process which helps us to connect to machines from all around the world without the qualms of travelling. We adopt processes like these to serve our customers with modern technology.

All of our technicians have private investigators license which enables them to access computer data for any purpose. All the technicians are well equipped with tools that help to resolve all system related problems.

Virus removal techniques at Impress Computers

We are a company which also does virus removal Katy and protects your computer or laptop from all kinds of malwares. We use 100 percent original software which enables us to remove and clean your machines. We are a Katy computer repair company which is an ideal choice for all the solutions related to data safety and security. You can always find a computer repair shop that will offer services with good discounts but the quality of their work will differ from us. So it is indeed important for you to understand, why we are better:

  • We don’t use pirated copies for virus removal software
  • We don’t multi-use license keys which should be used for one system only
  • We remind you on annual renewals of your software
  • We offer 6-month after-sale support for any purchase you make with us

You laptop or computer getting infected by malwares make the system slow and destroys your system. So you should take measures to protect your system with basic and free anti-malware products. If you’re facing a downtime with your system, get your machine fixed and we can help you retrieve your lost data.

Services provided by Impress Computers

The following are the services provided by our company:

  • Computer setup and configuration
  • Data retrieval solutions
  • Email and internet setup
  • Consultation of hardware and software
  • Virus and malware removal services
  • Network related problems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Any kind of custom computer construction

All of the above services are done by well trained, skilled, qualified and verified IT professionals who are trained to deal with virus infested machines.

Our services are pretty affordable as we work on per hour rates for most fixes. We offer services related to both hardware and software of your laptops and computers.

Impress Computers: A computer repair company you’ve been looking for

Whether it is offsite data backup, synchronization of email or calendar, virtual server use or partly cloud options – we do them all.

We take great pride in stating that we do possess a repeat client rate of 85% in the region. This makes us literally the most wanted computer repair service in Katy/Houston TX.

The work done by our professionals are 100 percent authentic and the quality of their work proves our motto of customer’s satisfaction. Computer malfunctions range from a small setting to replacing hardware or the entire operating system. We offer on site as well as off site services according to a customer’s needs and wants.