Data Encryption Service

Farmers and other insurance agencies are beginning to require that their agents safeguard customer information. All electronic devices used to digitally store customer information must be protected with data encryption technology. The encryption functions as a very effective extra layer of security, severely crippling a cyber criminal’s ability to hack into the system. In the event that the machine is lost or stolen, encryption will also prevent any information from being taken off and used maliciously.

Impress Computers has experience in encrypting both new and existing computers. On windows 8 Pro and 10 pro machines we have no problems going through with the encryption, on Windows 7 Pro Computers we need to upgrade to 10 Pro first. However if the machine is more than 4 years old or running home instead of pro, we recommend investing that money in a new machine with a fresh encryption.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and go over any of the details.

New Computers that are eligible for Encryption

New laptops that are eligible for Encryption

Refurb Computers that are eligible for Encrytion

Refurb Laptops that are eligible for Encryption