Setup of New PC or Laptop

Price: $25.00

Today a PC straight out of the box has to go through an initialization procedure that can be confusing and downright unnerving to many users.  They are confronted with a succession of decision points along the way to their first glimpse of the desktop, and wrong choices can result in problems later on.  If you want to avoid the stress this experience can bring on, you may want to take advantage of the excellent setup service offered by Impress.  A typical setup of a new computer can include:

pc or laptop setup katy tx

  • Cleaning the startup menu of generally useless trial programs
  • Installing permanent anti-virus software
  • Activating useful Microsoft add-on programs if available
  • Installing/updating Java and Adobe software
  • Personalizing the computer user profile
  • Downloading and installing all available Windows updates
  • Registering the computer with manufacturer

The intended result of the process is to present the new user with a friendly, ready to use product the first time they power up the computer.

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You can reach their helpful staff at 281-647-9977, M-F 8:30AM to 6:00pm.  They also open the shop from 10AM to 4PM on Saturday.

Computer Setup

Computer Setup