Yesterday we had a new customer call us with a Dell server issue. The server had been setup a few years ago by another IT firm and was now not booting up.

The customer was under the impression that they had a “backup” as the server had 4 hard drives setup in a RAID5 configuration.

This is a common misconception and many people make this mistake.

To make matters worse, their Accounting Software was creating daily backups – but to the server itself! So when the drives failed, so did their backups

In this particular case two hard drives had failed and we were not able to rebuild the RAID using 2 new drives and all 4 drives had to be sent off to FlashBackData in Austin for data recovery.

It looks like the customer will end up paying somewhere in the region of $4500 to $7500 depending on what the data recovery company finds.

All of this could have been solved by having a simple and inexpensive backup plan in place.

It is important to remember that RAID configurations only help you in the case of a single hard drive failure, but there are many other reasons why you need a good backup system

  • Ransomware
  • RAID card failure
  • motherboard failure
  • water damage
  • fire damage
  • theft
  • electical spikes and surges

Remember you should have a local and an offsite backup

You also need to test your backups from time to time to ensure that the backups are working correctly

Impress Computers also has a monitored offsite and local backup plan or a Full Service Managed IT MSP Plan