I personally have discovered that I was able to multitask more effectively once I upgraded to 3 monitors as I was able to have different things on each screen simultaneously and did not have to switch between screens.

One of our customers has now switched all of their employees to triple monitors and said that it really improved their performance.

But, before you run off and purchase more monitors. Stop. You will need to purchase the right video card to support the monitors that you need.

We have video cards in stock that will allow your pc to handle either dual screens, triple screens, or 4 screens. If you need more than 4 screens we normally add 2 video cards.

Impress Computers is offering additional monitors at a further 10% discount off our already great prices on Monitors and Video cards, and 25% off our labor charge to install the card.

Simply bring your PC or contact us at 281-647-9977 so that we can recommend the best video card and monitors for you

Roland Parker