Over time, computers and laptops start to overheat due to the dust buildup around the fans.

Eventually this will cause the machine to shut down and can also cause premature component failure due to continuous overheating. This can be anything from motherboard or video card failure… or even worse, hard drive failure.. resulting in loss of data.

Computers should be cleaned regularly and if you have not done this in a while then this is a good time to shut it down and get it cleaned.

You can do this yourself with a can of air and a screen cleaning kit

We also have a Video on our website under our Section “How To Videos” which shows you how to clean your PC.

If you would prefer not to do it yourself, simply bring it in to Impress and we will do everything for only $20 AND we will give you a FREE health check as well

Laptops are a bit more tricky and may require a full strip and clean from time to time, which we can do for $99,. This includes removing the heat sink from the processor and replacing the thermal paste and cleaning the fans. Watch this Video.

Check in your PC in advance and save time in the store