When you are working on Excel Spreadsheets it is important to keep Saving them as different file names. For example you may have a spreadsheet called Timesheets.xlsx, so you may want to click on File Save As  “TimesheetsOctober15.xlsx”

The main reason for this is files get corrupt and even if you have a backup, if you ended up backing up the corrupted file you would still have a problem.

We had one person who worked on a file for 10 hours, only to lose all that time. So if you are working solidly on one spreadsheet for an extended period of time you may want to click file save as reva, revb, revc etc, so that if something does go wrong you will only have lost a small amount of work.

Following this procedure only takes a small amount of time, but can save you countless hours in redoing your spreadsheets.


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