Every week we come across companies that have been devastated by loss of downtime and lost data, which coupled with the current COVID Crisis has been crippling.

In order to ensure business continuity it is essential that you follow these basic rules.

  • Data should always be in 3 different locations at all times.
    • Data should be stored on the server, which should be configured in a RAID 1 or 10 so that the information is mirrored on at least one other drive
    • Data should be backed up to a local NAS drive on a daily basis
    • Data should be pushed to the an incremental cloud backup that can be restored in the case of a disaster like ransomware, flood, surges, fire, theft, malicious attacks.
  • Test your backups periodically. The biggest mistake you can make is never testing your backup by doing a restore and checking that you have the correct data backed up and that the files are usable once restored.
  • Change your passwords periodically to help prevent being hacked
  • Enable 2 Factor Authentication to help prevent being hacked
  • Check your firewall settings and do a network scan to ensure that there are no common open ports

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