5 essential computer maintenance tips.
A well-maintained computer lasts longer and performs reliably.

Keep you operating system and programs up to date. This includes Windows updates, drivers, software & security patches.

2.Clean up your OS.
Windows saves a large amount of unnecessary information over time and Disk Cleanup does a great job keeping your PC clean. Watch this video to see how to do a Disk Cleanup

3. Run AntiVirus & Spyware scans regularly.
Any computer that is connected to the Internet needs to have some sort of protection. Make sure to do full virus scans regularly to prevent threats.

4. Back up your data.
If your data is critical we recommend backing up in at least 3 places, local hard drive, external drive and cloud back-up. Watch this video to see how to do a Windows Backup

5. UPS/Unplug.
UPS Battery backups are designed to provide enough time to properly shut down your equipment if power goes out. If you have a laptop make sure to un-plug your charger once it's 100%
 charged, otherwise leaving the AC adapter plugged in 24/7 will kill your internal battery due overcharging. This Video shows you how to setup your UPS and why you need it

PC & Laptop Best Prcatices