If you have a PC or Mac that is a few years old and still has a traditional spinning drive it may be starting to run on the slow side.

We can guarantee to double the speed of the machine with the installation of a brand new SSD Drive.

Bring your computer in and we will do the following

  1. Install a 240GB SSD Solid State Drive that we provide for FREE
  2. Remove any infections and do a Virus Removal for FREE
  3. All we charge is the price of cloning the old drive which is $199
  • Most upgrades can be done on the same day
  • If you need a bigger drive than a 240GB simply pay the difference in price to a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB drive
  • 240GB SSD drives have a 3 year warranty, larger drives have a 5 year warranty

Check In Your Computer today and benefit from the huge performance increase.

Watch this Video to see how your computer could benefit from an SSD Upgrade