This week Google released an update for the Chrome web browser that it urged users to ensure was implemented immediately.

The main reason was that the Threat Analysis Group at Google had uncovered a critical zero-day vulnerability that was already being exploited in the wild.

Now a Google security engineer, Clement Lecigne, has warned that another zero-day vulnerability that is also being exploited, impacting Windows 7 users, was being used together with the Chrome exploit to take over Windows systems.

Google is now urging all Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10, as well as make sure their Chrome browser is up to date, to escape the attention of the combined threat. They stated that  “To date, we have only observed active exploitation against Windows 7 32-bit systems.”

The Google Threat Analysis Group disclosed the zero-day to Microsoft who have said they are working on a fix but, as of yet, there is no indication of how long this might take. Currently the status of this vulnerability has to remain as a critical and unpatched one. For this reason, Google is advising users of Windows 7 should upgrade to Windows 10 and apply patches from Microsoft as soon as they become available. “Not all vulnerabilities are created equal, and many if considered on their own are not cause for undue concern” says Jim O’Gorman, president of Offensive Security, who continues “if they were flagged by the organization’s security solution, they likely would not have been prioritized in patching. It’s when a group of seemingly minor flaws are chained together that they can be used to devastating effect.”

The chances are that if you are still using Windows 7 then your PC is more than 5 years old. Due to the fact that there is a high likely-hood of driver incompatibility  with Windows 10, along with ageing hardware, such as failing hard drives and motherboards, we recommend going with a new or refurbished PC that already has Windows 10 installed and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Since you can now get a refurb PC with a 3 year warranty and Windows 10 for as little as $299 and comes with 8GB ram and an SSD drive, it makes no sense spending time and money on a PC that is more than 5 years old. Similarly, Laptops with 3 year warranties start at $324.

It’s then a simple matter of transferring data from the old Windows 7 or Vista unit to the new Windows 10 computer