It’s time to celebrate Graduation! Make sure that your Grad is equipped with the right tools for the journey ahead.

At Impress we’ve been there and truly want to be a part of your family’s story. To that end we’ve given you one more thing to celebrate. We’ve slashed prices on some of our best computers to give you incredible value and your family the right equipment for whatever the next step may be.

We have computers starting as low as $349 and as always can provide you and yours truly with the world-class support and tools you’ve come to expect.

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We’re certain you’ll find the perfect gift and look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!

All the best,

Roland & Mandy Parker

P.S. Here’s our weekly computer tip!

PC Running slow?

One way to pinpoint where you may be causing the problem is to bring up the Task Manager

Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, Then click on Task Manger, and then performance

Check your processor, memory, Disk (Hard Drive), Ethernet, Wifi or GPU

If any item is close to 100% it is a clear indicator that is where your problem may lay