We continually come across businesses that are struggling with their expansion due to a poorly designed network and network connections, slow computers, down-time and even faulty or no security solutions causing a  loss of data. They haven’t had the kind of computer support that we offer which not only maintains computer systems, but also takes an interest in our customers by educating them as to how they can not only save their computer systems from going down, but also how they can increase their bottom line.

By implementing integrated systems your processes will be faster and your expenses including payroll will be reduced. Many businesses focus on the cost of new computer services while neglecting other facts including how security solutions and integrated solutions can save them exponentially on their bottom line.

If we setup innovative services referred to as edge technology, your analytics and data gathering will happen at the source of your data. Edge technologies are one of the digital solutions in our offering of computer services that will save time and money because of the increased speed.

As you can see these solutions go past and are an improvement over the problems caused by companies operating on a break-fix type environment. They wait for something to stop functioning before calling out the technician, resulting in down-time, frustration and data loss. Then they find themselves Googling “local computer repair” and “computer repair near me.”

Impress Computers is able to offer a proactive approach, whereby we monitor the health of the computers and the network and continually work in the background fixing problems before they become an issue. You won’t need a geek on site. With our remote management through network connections/Internet technology we can take the stress off of you being concerned about your network infrastructure, data networks, and the health of your storage solutions.

Whilst most IT networking companies offer network support for businesses as well as onsite and remote support,  they do not actively monitor the network for pending issues. Impress is able to provide the network support that you need, along with the proactive management that will prevent both slow time and down time.

The Impress Technicians are extremely well trained and experienced in IT Network Services, onsite computer repair, technical services, IT Networking, systems integration and IT service management. We also offer the added advantage of carrying all the computers, laptops, servers, switches, hard drives, memory, UPS battery Backups and wireless access points in stock, giving us the ability of getting you up and running the same day.

It is also important that your backups are monitored and maintained and that you have both offsite and local backups so that no data is ever lost, no matter how catastrophic the disaster. With the interworking of our solutions.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then it’s time to discover the Impress Advantage

We service Energy Corridor, Memorial, Katy TX, Houston TX, Sugar Land TX,Cypress TX, Brookshire TX,Richmond TX, Rosenberg TX and beyond!