Have you suddenly seen a notification about VIPRE Auto Patch?

We have had customers stating that they have seen notifications from Vipre regarding VIPRE Auto Patch.

This is part of Vipre’s Internet Security Package. Impress Computers does not sell this package, but some of customers have gone to Vipre directly for this program

If you have purchased from them directly you may need to contact Vipre.


This is what they have to say on their blog.

What is VIPRE Auto Patch?


Auto Patch is a feature added only for VIPRE Internet Security versions 2013 and higher. It checks for important patches to non-Microsoft applications installed on your computer. VIPRE scans for outdated software applications which can pose a significant threat to your computer’s security. To prevent hackers and/or malicious software from exploiting these problems, software vendors fix security issues with their software by releasing incremental updates and patches. VIPRE Auto Patch fetches those updates and applies them automatically to your computer. This feature strengthens your computer security by applying the latest software patches before these missing patches are exploited by attackers and/or malicious software. By default, Auto Patch installs updates automatically.

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