Over the past few years companies have been migrating their data to the cloud, but as demonstrated recently with the hack of a local Houston based Cloud company’s servers, going to the Cloud is not necessarily more secure.

In the most recent hack, companies that all their data in the Cloud had their data encrypted and were forced to pay a ransom as the Cloud provider did not have incremental backups.

So how safe is your data when it’s in the cloud??

Well, let’s go back to the basics. The general well known principal is that Your Data should be in at least 3 different places. So if your Cloud Provider cannot prove that they are keeping data in at least 3 different locations and that they also have an incremental backup program… then you should start looking at alternatives.

One of the advantages of having a clouded environment is that you can access your data from anywhere. So if you want to keep your data secure and have the accessibility of a clouded environment then you may want to look at a partially cloudy environment. You would still keep a local server, but would then have a cloud synchronization platform that gives you both access and security.

Impress Computers would be able to assist you with implementing a safe, secure, and accessible, cloudy environment for your business.

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