If you’re looking for a great upgrade on your rig one of the biggest changes in the Gaming Industry is going Ultra-Wide Monitor and if you do Simulation then a VR Headset would be the way to go!


First of all, you’ll need PC Requirements and we recommend:

  • Processors:

i7 or i9 if you’re going with Intel

Ryzen 5 or 7 if you’re going with AMD


In order to keep everything quiet and low Temps you need a Liquid Cooler, we recommend:


For speed and stability, you’ll need an SSD (Solid State Drive), nowadays we have the NVMe SSD which are rated for ultra-speeds and longevity. Then you’ll use an HDD (Hard Drive Disk) for other software, games, etc.…

  • NVIDIA Video Cards:

RTX 2070 Super

RTX 2080 Super

RTX 2080 Ti


  • AMD Video Cards:





  • PSU (Power Supply Unit):

EVGA 750W Bronze but Gold is preferred.



You can spec out your custom build PC from our website…. BUILD A PC

Now let’s jump to the Ultra-Wide Monitors:

We have tested in-house and liked the LG 34UM69G-B 34-Inch 21:9 Ultra-Wide Monitor.

If you’re looking for that G-SYNC & 144Hz Refresh Rate then we’ll recommend the Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor.

For those who’d like to immerse the VR World:


We have tested in-house and liked the Pimax 5K Plus VR Headset.

If you’re looking for a second option then we’ll recommend the HTC Vive Cosmos for PC


Most demanding games on Flying and Racing Simulation are:


Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Project Cars 2

Elite Dangerous

X-Plane 11

Microsoft Flight Simulator


Impress Computers can assemble the custom build PC for you or you can schedule a time to come in and learn how to build your own pc under the guidance of one of our techs.

This is extremely popular over Christmas Time and is a great Christmas Present