Customers who are still using MS Office 2003 and 2007 and going to start seeing a lot of issues surfacing and will need to start look to upgrade to the new version of either 2016 or 2019. 2016 is becoming hard to get as Microsoft is pushing for the new 2019 version or Office 365 subscription based office product.

When you are still using Outlook 2007 or previous, you may be able to install it on Windows 10 but there are various compatibility issues that you will run into. These issues won’t get fixed since Outlook 2007 and especially Outlook 2003 has been out of support for a long time now which also means it no longer gets any security updates anymore.

If upgrading to a supported version of Outlook is not an option to you, then it is recommended to use an alternative email program instead. Windows 10 has a Mail, Calendar and People app built-in which supports all the common email protocols; POP3, IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

Never use Compatibility Mode!

Troubleshoot Compatibility buttonWhen you encounter issues with running Outlook on Windows 10, don’t use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter!

Running Outlook in any of the Compatibility configurations isn’t needed and isn’t supported either. This also applies when you attempt to run Outlook 2007 or previous on Windows 10; It will not help you and it could even make things worse!

Basically, if you do not upgrade to a newer version then expect to start having issues. If you would like a copy of 2016 or 2019 you can order that from our website.