Defragging an SSD can greatly reduce the life span of your drive With the latest updates it started doing the disk defrag automatically. Although this is recommended for the older style spinning drives, we do recommend doing this on SSD drives as it does not have any benefit and actually diminishes the lifespan if the SSD


  • Go to File Explorer
  • Go to Your C Drive
  • Right Click
  • Left Click on Properties
  • Click on the Tools Tab (near the top)
  • Click on Optimize
  • Make sure that it is turned off and that the box that says “Run on a schedule” is not checked
  • Click on OK and the Close

To suspend Automatic Updates

  • Right Click Windows Icon
  • Left Click Settings
  • Click Updates and Security
  • Pause Updates for 7 days
  • You can also click on Advanced Options and turn everything off or pause for a few months


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